Everlucky Power-Saving Stapler, Flat-Clinch, 30 Sheet Capacity (9008)

The Everlucky Power-Saving Stapler is a versatile and efficient stapling solution. With its flat-clinch design and impressive 30-sheet capacity, this stapler ensures secure and neat stapling for your documents. Its compact size fits comfortably in your hand, providing a user-friendly experience. The power-saving feature reduces the force required for stapling, minimizing fatigue during prolonged use. This stapler is compatible with both 24/6 and 26/6 staples, offering flexibility in staple options. The convenient top-loading magazine allows for quick and effortless reloading.

Key features of the Everlucky Power-Saving Stapler (9008):

  • 30-sheet stapling capacity
  • Flat-clinch operation for a clean and organized appearance
  • Compatible with 24/6 and 26/6 staples
  • Convenient top-loading magazine for quick and effortless reloading

Elevate your stapling experience with the Everlucky Power-Saving Stapler and enjoy efficient, reliable, and hassle-free stapling every time.

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